Delhi’s deputy chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party leader Manish Sisodia was attacked with ink on Monday morning, after he met Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung. Sisodia has been embroiled in controversy for being abroad during an ongoing chikungunya crisis in the Capital. Jung on Saturday had asked Sisodia to return from Finland as soon as possible, since several leaders including Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal were travelling at the time.

Sisodia claimed the incident was engineered by the Opposition. He said, "The AAP is working for people's health and education and on the other hand, there is the Congress or the BJP who are working on throwing inks. They want to stop the work on health and education." The Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party had criticised the ruling AAP for the health crisis in Delhi, which has left several people dead in the last few weeks. AAP leaders have said the deaths cannot be attributed to chikungunya, but have stepped up measures to fight the vector-borne disease in the Capital.

Brajesh Shukla, the person who threw ink at Sisodia, has been detained by the Delhi Police. Shukla, according to ANI, accused the deputy chief minister of travelling abroad while people in the Capital were "suffering".