A car hit a man crossing the road and continued travelling with his body on the roof for three kilometres in Mahbubnagar, Telangana, on Monday night, Deccan Chronicle reported. The driver reportedly continued driving until commuters noticed the body on the car and alerted the police.

Officials said the victim, 35-year-old Srinivasulu, a labourer, was crossing the road when the car hit him and sped away with his body on the roof. Police said locals stopped the driver, who managed to flee the scene. Officials said the car is owned by Hyderabad-based industrialist, Rajasekhar, Deccan Chronicle reported. Jadcherla Police Sub-Inspector Madhusudhan Goud said they are investigating if the person driving the car at the time of the incident was Rajasekhar, Hindustan Times reported.

According to a report by the Hindustan Times, this is the second such incident to have occurred in the state this year. In January, a farmer was hit by a car whose driver travelled for over 20 kilometres with the victim's body on the roof of the vehicle. Police eventually intercepted the driver on the Hyderabad-Vijaywada highway.