Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton outperformed her Republican rival Donald Trump in the United States presidential debate on Monday, according to the CNN/ORC poll of viewers who tuned in to the event. As many as 62% of those surveyed voted in favour of Clinton, while only 27% of them believed Trump did better.

Millions of viewers from across the world watched the televised debate between the two, as they discussed economic policies, tax rates and the Islamic State group at Hofstra University on New York's Long Island, reported CNN. While Trump accused Clinton of revealing her plan on tackling militant groups on her website, and thus, helping the US' enemies, the Democratic candidate responded, "Well, at least I have a plan to fight ISIS."

The debate, which attracted worldwide interest, lived up to expectations of high drama. Experts told the BBC that the debate had raked up such high viewership ratings mainly because of the different styles of the two candidates.

It was not long into the 90-minute tussle that the two White House contenders got personal. Clinton said, "Why won't he release his tax returns? Maybe he is not as rich as he says he is. Maybe he is not as charitable as he claims to be." However, Trump shot back saying he will make all his taxes public after Clinton releases the details of 33,000 emails that were deleted from her private server.

The two also locked horns over the allegedly deteriorating law and order situation across the United States. While the Republican nominee said, "You walk down the street, you get shot," Clinton criticised him for painting "such a dire picture" of black communities.