A Samsung Galaxy Note7 device in China exploded on Monday morning according to the handset’s owner, Bloomberg Quint reported on Wednesday. Hui Renjie said the phone exploded less than 24 hours after it was delivered to him by an e-commerce website. Hui said the explosion caused minor burns on two of his fingers, as well as damaging his laptop, which was nearby at the time.

This comes even as the company is in the process of replacing millions of the model’s handsets because of faulty batteries. The Korean electronics giant had been criticised for exempting the Chinese variant of the handset from a global recall, saying their batteries were not prone to overheating.

However, Hui refused to return the device to a Samsung representative, saying he did not trust the company to reveal the reason for the explosion and that he planned to publicise the issue. Samsung said it would “conduct a thorough examination of the device in question once we receive it”.

On September 2, Samsung announced the global recall of the model and issued a statement. The company said it had found a battery cell issue after conducting a “thorough investigation” into the matter. It also said it was stopping all sales of the model pending the completion of its investigation. New sales of the device are expected to begin in Europe on October 28.