At least 16 people were killed in a series of attacks in Shi'ite-dominated localities of Baghdad in Iraq on Monday, AP reported. Officials said the neigbourhood of al-Amil suffered the worst toll of seven after a suicide bomber set off his explosives in the market area. At least 25 were injured in the blast.

Police officials said another suicide bomber detonated an explosive in Mashtal while people were preparing for Ashoura rites, where they mark the death of Prophet Muhammad's grandson Imam Hussein. The blast killed at least six people and injured 21 others, accordng to officials.

Another explosion in the city's commercial Sabi al-Bor locality killed three civilians and injured 10 others. So far, the government has not shared any official confirmation on the casualties in the attacks.

The Islamic State reportedly claimed responsibility for the blasts in al-Amil and Mahstal on a militant website frequented by extremists. The claims have not been officially verified. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack in Sabi al-Bor.

The terror outfit, which controls sections of northern and western Iraq, has increased its offensives in state-controlled regions of the country in retaliation for losing territories to the United States-backed Iraqi forces and Iran-backed Shi'ite militias. According to the United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq report, at least 1,003 Iraqis, including 609 civilians, died in the violence last month. The organisation said 1,159 people were wounded in September.