For healthy, glowing skin like Egyptian queen Cleopatra, use panchgavya, which is a concoction of cow urine, dung, milk, curd and clarified butter – this was the advisory published by the Gujarat government's Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board. "Gaumutra [cow urine] will remove dark circles, black spots and pimples. Use of panchgavya will give you long-lasting beauty," the advisory said, adding that Cleopatra was the world's most beautiful woman because she bathed in cow milk.

In Aarogya Geeta, the advisory uploaded on its website, the board has asked women to switch to natural products from chemical-based cosmetics, PTI reported. In addition to panchgavya, it has listed a number of other such mixtures.

Chairman of the cow protection body Vallabh Kathiria said women were unaware of the benefits of natural products. "We want women to understand the benefits of using cow milk, urine and dung to beautify themselves instead of damaging their skin by using chemicals," he said. The board has also claimed that cow urine has medicinal properties that can cure 108 diseases, including cancer, AIDS and asthma. The bovine is "a perfect science and a total laboratory", it said.