Inflation based on the Wholesale Price Index in September 2016 has dropped to 3.57% from its August figure of 3.74%, ANI reported on Friday. The aftermath of a relatively good monsoon is expected to bring down the inflation rate further, Business Standard reported.

Food inflation declined from last month's 8.23% to 5.75%, but was relatively higher year on year, The Financial Express reported. The prices of milk and fruit, however, were an exception – inflation in fruits rose from the earlier recording of 13.91% to 14.10%, while milk inflation increased from 3.40% to 3.71%.

Fuel and manufactured products inflation also surged – fuel price index increased to 5.58% from 1.62% in August, while inflation in manufactured products rose marginally to 2.48% from 2.42%.

Wholesale Price Index measures the cost of bulk goods traded between organisations. The index has a major impact on fiscal and monetary policies in the country.