Aircraft belonging to SpiceJet and a GoAir avoided a mid-air collision while in Goa airspace on Saturday after the GoAir flight allegedly changed course, the Hindustan Times reported. SpiceJet officials said the incident took place while their flight to Hyderabad from Goa was on the path designated by air traffic controllers, who were guiding flights that because an instrument landing system at Goa was not available.

SpiceJet accused the GoAir flight to Mumbai of not following the procedures laid down for such situations. The officials alleged that the rival company’s aircraft came in close proximity with the SpiceJet one from the north-east, even though it was supposed to be flying in the north-west direction.

The proximity prompted the two planes’ traffic collision avoidance systems to issue an avoidance advisory, forcing the crew on both flights to take evasive action. “The alertness of our crew saved the day,” a SpiceJet official said, according to The Times of India.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has ordered an investigation into the incident after SpiceJet reported it to air traffic controllers in Goa, according to PTI. While GoAir confirmed the near-collision had taken place, it refused to comment on the matter. Both airlines also did not quote the number of passengers who were present on the aircraft when the incident took place. A DGCA official said the body would decide whether to ground the crew of the GoAir flight on Monday.