A poll jointly conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post shows United States presidential nominee Donald Trump leading his opponent Hillary Clinton 46%-45% among voters, ABC News reported on Tuesday. The rest of the vote share in the poll is divided among Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson (3%) and Green Party nominee Jill Stein (2%).

This is the first time since May when Trump, the Republican Party nominee, has performed better than Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate. Trump also leads Clinton by 8 points among voters who are strongly enthusiastic for their preferred candidate. The businessman also has an 18-point lead among political independents, according to The Washington Post. This group accounts for approximately 10% of likely voters in the November 8 election, according to the daily.

The new figures come after the US Federal Bureau of Investigation said it would begin a fresh probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server. That announcement came after officials discovered a tranche of new emails on a computer seized during an investigation into sexually explicit text messages sent by former congressman Anthony Weiner. However, FBI Director James Comey has been accused of breaking the law by announcing the new investigation.

Both nominees have directly attacked each other and their policies, with Trump also accusing the US media of covering his campaign unfairly to help Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. On Saturday, the businessman said if he was elected, he would sue around a dozen women who have accused him of sexual harassment. The assault allegations have rapidly come to the fore after a video surfaced showing him boasting about forcing himself on women.