At least 73 people were killed and 110 more injured after an oil tanker truck exploded in a village in western Mozambique on Thursday. Children were among those wounded in the blast in the village of Caphiridzange in the Tete province, AFP reported

Local journalists said the truck – which was carrying fuel to the neighbouring country of Malawi from the port city of Beira – crashed in the area on Wednesday before exploding a day later. A government statement said the incident occurred while people were attempting to take petrol from the vehicle.

Information ministry director Joao Manasses said authorities were trying to determine whether the truck’s owners were selling petrol or if it had been ambushed by village residents. He also announced an investigation into the incident.

Expressing grief at the loss of lives, the government said it was “providing the necessary assistance” to those injured in the blast. Three ministers are expected to visit the area on Friday to monitor rescue operations.