All 2,376 tourists, including foreign nationals, who were stranded in Andaman’s Havelock have been evacuated from the islands, which were hit by cyclonic weather since December 5, officials said on Friday. Seven ships and six helicopters were used by the Indian Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and administration of the union territory to bring the tourists to to Port Blair in a joint evacuation mission, PTI reported.

“Altogether 2,376 tourists were evacuated from the two [Havelock and Neil] islands and brought to Port Blair,” an official of the Andaman disaster department said. “All are safe and are taken care of.” Lieutenant Governor of Andaman Jagdish Mukhi confirmed that there were no casualties or untoward incidents.

Torrential rains and strong currents in the sea had left the travellers stranded in Andaman’s most popular tourist destination since Monday since neither choppers, nor ships could not operate in this cyclonic weather to rescue them.