A look at the headlines right now:

  1. Cyclone Vardah will reach Karnataka today, south Goa on Wednesday: Four people died after the cyclone made landfall near Chennai on Monday.
  2. Tata Sons’ claims that I worked jointly with Cyrus Mistry are false and baseless, says Nusli Wadia: On Monday, Cyrus Mistry was removed as director of Tata Industries.
  3. Varanasi had ‘most toxic’ air in India in 2015, says report: Industrial activity in the Indo-Gangetic belt has led to rapid degradation of air, with several North Indian cities recording ‘very poor’ quality levels.
  4. UP farmers unhappy with Centre’s decision to scrap import duty on wheat, RLD to hold protests: The community might have to sell their produce at a lower price as a result of the move.
  5. Seven arrested after ED seizes Rs 93 lakh in new currency in Karnataka: Reports suggested that the middlemen were colluding with bank officials to illegally exchange demonetised currency for 15%-35% commission.
  6. Fatwa against BJP West Bengal chief Dilip Ghosh for statements against Mamata Banerjee: The imam of Kolkata’s Tipu Sultan Mosque called for Ghosh to be pelted with stones and removed from the state.
  7. ‘Unmarried women should also be allowed to terminate pregnancy caused by contraceptive failure’: The Health Ministry made the recommendation to amend an abortion law after ‘due consultations with various stakeholders’.
  8. Venezuela to end circulation of 100-bolivar bills: The notes, currently the country’s biggest currency, accounts for 48% of all bills and coins in circulation in the market in November.
  9. Foxconn sends over 1,700 workers on paid leave because of cash crunch: The electronics giant saw almost 50% slump in sales last month.
  10. Portugal’s Antonio Guterres sworn in as 9th United Nations secretary-general: The former prime minister was officially appointed to the post by the 193-member UN General Assembly on October 13.