Air India has been ranked the world’s third-worst performing airline in 2016 by aviation insights company FlightStats. Israel’s El Al airline was ranked the worst, followed by Icelandair in the second spot.

Every year, FlightStats puts up a list of the best and worst airlines based on their “on-time performance” records. Dutch airline KLM Royal was ranked the best international carrier in 2016, followed by Spain’s Iberia and Japan’s JAL airlines.

“We stitch data together from 500 different sources,” Jim Hetzel, vice president at FlightStats, told Bloomberg. Flight tracking and positional services, airport runway times and airline records are among the many sources combed before the list is prepared. Hetzel said the overall performance of airlines had improved the world over this year.

Air India, however, disagreed with the report, saying that it appeared fabricated. The airline has been struggling to make profits the last couple of years. The government owes the state-owned carrier Rs 750 crore for flying VVIPs and defence personnel, according to Business Standard.

The worst international airlines of 2016 according to FlightStats are as follows:

  • 1. El Al (56%)
  • 2. Icelandair (41.05%)
  • 3. Air India (38.71%)
  • 4. Philippine Airlines (38.33%)
  • 5. Asiana Airlines (37.46%) 
  • 6. China Eastern Airlines (35.8%)
  • 7. Hong Kong Airlines (33.42%)
  • 8. Air China (32.73%)
  • 9. Korean Air (31.74%)
  • 10. Hainan Airlines (30.3%)