Music streaming service Spotify offered President Barack Obama a job, just days before he completes his second term in the United States’ highest seat of power. Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Spotify Daniel Ek on Monday shared a job vacancy at his company for a candidate who has “at least eight years experience in running a highly regarded nation”.

In the past, Obama had curated two summer playlists for the Sweden-based Spotify. Last week, Natalia Brzezinski, wife of US ambassador to Sweden Mark Brzezinski shared an Instagram post after meeting Obama. She quoted him as saying, “’I’m still waiting for my job at Spotify... Cuz’ I know y’all loved my playlist.”

Responding to this, Ek tweeted a job advertisement to Obama on Monday under the title “President of Playlists”. “I heard you were interested in a role at Spotify. Have you seen this one?” he said while attaching the job profile with the tweet.

According to the advert, the candidate should be someone with a Nobel Prize and a good team spirit who can “speak passionately about playlists at press events”. “Let us be clear, you should be nothing short of one of the greatest speakers of all time,” it said.

“Have good relationships with a wide range of artists and musicians. Ever had Kendrick Lamar play at your birthday bash? We’d love to hear about it!,” the ad read. Lamar had performed at Obama’s 55th birthday in August last year. Also taking a dig at the President-elect Donald Trump, the ad said the candidate will be expected to “attend all briefings” and analyse data and performance of playlists using “all available intelligence”.

Spotify is a music, video and podcast streaming service which was launched in 2006 in Sweden and now is available in over 60 countries.