As part of its campaign for the Uttar Pradesh elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party has assigned bikers to deliver a personalised letter from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in which he justifies the Centre’s demonetisation drive. Around 1,650 motorcyclists – all BJP workers – have been directed to deliver the message to 2.75 lakh homes daily, to convince voters that the currency ban was needed to eliminate corruption and terror funding in India, The Economic Times reported.

A BJP volunteer first reads out the letter to people at street corners, after which it is distributed to houses along with a two-page party manifesto. “You showed faith in me and gave me a huge responsibility in May 2014. I am happy that now not only is our government progressing fast but also weeding out corruption, terrorism and counterfeit currency,” says Modi’s letter.

The move – part of BJP National President Amit Shah’s “Saath aayein, parivartan laayein” (let’s come together, bring about change) campaign – was launched to contradict propaganda from rival outfits, who have highlighted the cash crunch and difficulties citizens faced after high-denomination notes were scrapped in November 2016.

“While the previous governments have only given you the 2G, Agusta and coal scams, this government is unearthing all hidden black money and punishing the defaulters. The money they usurped was all yours. We are bringing that out,” Modi said in the letter.

A party leader who is part of the campaign told The Economic Times, “The point is to tell the voters how the rich have suffered through this programme and how their black money is being brought out.” The BJP leader added that while delivering the letters, the bikers also identify key influencers in villages to help sway votes in the party’s favour.

Phase one of the Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh was held on February 11. The other seven phases are scheduled for February 15, February 19, February 23, February 27, March 4 and March 8.