Pakistan is becoming the world’s terrorism factory, India said on Wednesday at a meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Indian diplomat to the UNHRC in Geneva Nabanita Chakrabarti said Pakistan had alienated its own people through the “continued mistreatment” of its minorities, including Hindus, Christians and Shias.

Chakrabarti blamed Pakistan for extending support to militant groups in Jammu and Kashmir. “A part of the territories of our state remain under the forcible and illegal occupation of Pakistan,” she said, adding that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir has now become a hub for the global export of terror.

“Jammu and Kashmir is part of a pluralistic and secular democracy, where an independent judiciary, an active media and a vibrant civil society guarantee freedoms,” Chakrabarti added. India also asked Pakistan to refrain from inciting and supporting violence in any part of India. “Pakistan must rein in its compulsive hostility towards India,” Chakrabarti told the UNHRC President.

India and Pakistan regularly make such claims to the international body.