A look at the headlines right now:

  1. Goa Congress MLA Vishwajeet Rane resigns after Manohar Parrikar wins trust vote: Rane had been upset with Congress’ lack of urgency in forming the government in the state despite winning the most seats.
  2. Council approves state and Union Territory GST laws: The next meeting will be held on March 31.
  3. WhatsApp to bring back its text-only status feature: However, the recently introduced update where users can share pictures and videos will remain.
  4. Official McDonald’s Twitter account calls Donald Trump ‘disgusting’: ‘And we want Barack Obama back’, said the message, shortly before it was deleted.
  5. France issues terror warning after school shooting leaves several hurt, 17-year-old student arrested: Officials from the town of Grasse, where the incident took place, said the attack might have been the result of an altercation between two students.
  6. Two clerics from Delhi’s Nizamuddin Dargah go missing in Pakistan: They had visited Karachi to meet relatives.
  7. SP leader Azam Khan yells at officer after being made to walk on muddy roads in his own constituency: A video of the exchange has surfaced, showing the MLA making threats and promising action.
  8. India’s Aadhaar system is so good that every nation should get its own, says World Bank’s chief economist: Paul Romer called the controversial identification system the most sophisticated that he had ever seen.
  9. Letter explodes in IMF office in Paris, one injured: The police have yet to reveal the identity of the sender.
  10. Slipper hurled at Union minister who was attending JNU student Muthukrishnan’s funeral in Tamil Nadu: Pon Radhakrishnan said he refused to accept that there was any connection between BJP coming to power at the Centre and the 25-year-old committing suicide.