United States President Donald Trump on Thursday issued an awkward ultimatum to his legislators – either vote for the new Republican healthcare bill, or Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act will remain. The GOP has been struggling to get the support it needs from its legislators to pass the Bill, which has been criticised by both major US parties. White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney is believed to have indicated this stance to party members at a conference of the House, The Guardian reported.

The vote was supposed to take place on Thursday, but got postponed after hours of discussions with the GOP failing to secure the legislators’ confidence. The Trump team was unable to convince Republicans despite his fabled deal-making skills, The New York Times reported.

Repealing and replacing Obamacare was considered one of Trump’s major poll promises. However, the alternative presented by Speaker of the House Pau Ryan will leave millions fewer uninsured, increase premiums for the poor while favouring the rich and make it much harder for older and sicker citizens to receive reasonably priced care. While the Democrats have been criticising it on these fronts, some Republicans claim the Bill is still too close to Obamacare, while others believe the loss of benefits will be received poorly in their constituencies.