A German tourist said she was raped in Tamil Nadu’s Mahabalipuram, ANI reported on Monday. Two suspects have been detained in connection with the case, officials said. The police department has set up special teams to investigate the matter, the news agency reported.

News organisations differed in their reports about the day the incident took place and the complainant’s age. In her statement, she said she was at the beach near Tiger Caves when two unidentified men accosted her, the statement said. “She had come to Mahabalipuram four days ago and had gone for a walk to this deserted area,” Kancheepuram Superintendent of Police Santosh Hadimani told NDTV.

After the crime, the woman said she managed to escape and go back to her group of fellow travellers, who alerted the German Embassy about the crime. Police said she is undergoing medical tests.

The report follows the discovery of the body of a 28-year-old Irish woman who is believed to have been raped and killed in Goa’s Deobagh beach last month.