A non-bailable warrant has been issued to actor Sanjay Dutt after he allegedly threatened filmmaker Shakil Noorani, ANI reported. The complainant said he had received death threats from thugs in the underworld who claimed to be acting on behalf of Dutt. The actor is believed to have owed Noorani Rs 1 crore for not completing a film production, for which he was paid Rs 50 lakh, News18 reported.

“This case has been going on for a long time and the present situation has arisen because of the communication lapse between our lawyers and us. We respect the urgency shown by the honourable court regarding our attendance/representation and we will take immediate measures to rectify the situation,” Dutt’s spokesperson said.

Dutt had allegedly signed the contract for the film, titled Jaan ki Baazi, in 2002, News18 reported. He allegedly shot for only two days during the film’s production.

Dutt has missed two court hearings in the matter. Noorani has demanded that Dutt repay him Rs 50 lakh and an added Rs 2 crore for the loss, the news agency reported.