A look at the headlines in this sector right now:

  1. President approves ordinance that gives RBI, public sector banks more power to tackle bad loans: The new law gives the central bank the freedom to relax some guidelines if required, so the money can be recovered faster.   
  2. Uber is being investigated for allegedly using software to flout US government regulations: The Greyball tool was used to deny rides to officials who were trying to check if the company was breaking local laws.
  3. India launches its communications satellite for South Asia, which Pakistan had snubbed: Experts say this is the first time India has launched a satellite with a clear foreign policy agenda, as against a commercial, defence or scientific one.   
  4. Sensex ends over 250 points down, Nifty slips below 9,300: The fall was attributed to weak Asian markets that were hit by a drop in oil prices.     
  5. Pakistan International Airlines suspends weekly Mumbai-Karachi flight from May 11: An airline official said commercial factors, in addition to cross-border tension, could be the reason behind the sudden suspension.   
  6. Facebook, Twitter and Google sued for ‘providing material support’ to IS in the Bernardino shooting case: The companies allowed the terror group to flourish on social media, said the families of three victims.
  7. Centre announces new ‘no-fly’ list rules for unruly passengers: Passengers will be allowed to appeal the decision to suspend them from flying.