The Indian Coast Guard has rescued 27 workers off a flooding barge in the Arabian Sea of Ullal in Karnataka, ANI reported on Sunday. Four workers were rescued on Saturday, however, the operations had to be suspended because of bad weather.

The Coast Guard Karnataka sent out its ship Amartya at 5 pm on Satuday after receving a distress call from the workers on Dredger Ibis. It was located at 4 km south of Old Port Mengaluru when it crashed into a boulder. “Amartya lowered its inflatable rubber boat to the barge but could rescue only four workers due to bad weather,” an unidentified Coast Guard official told IANS on Saturday.

The Coast Guard complained that the barge owner had sent out the vessel to the sea despite monsoon warning, The Hindu reported. The Dredger Ibis is a 2964 GRT vessel which is 65.58 metre long and 32 metre broad.