Just as Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ideologue S Gurumurthy told Republic TV that actor Rajinikanth would join the National Democratic Alliance, Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy burst the bubble. Swamy on Friday told India Today that he had “proof” of the Tamil actor’s financial irregularities, and advised him not to join politics.

Earlier, Gurumurthy had said that Rajinikanth would not join the BJP, as the “party hierarchy was not big enough to accommodate him”. He claimed the actor would form his own political party and support the NDA. “I’m not surprised by his inclination, or even determination, because there is a huge gap in Tamil Nadu today, with more than 50% of the Tamil people, Tamil voters, and maybe 75% of the youths wanting to move away from both these Kazhagams, DMK and ADMK... This yearning among the people is really opening up a huge possibility for Rajinikanth,” Gurumurthy said.

Swamy, on the other hand, said the actor was “unfit” for any political work, India Today reported. “If he comes there will be many things that will tumble out which will be harmful to him. I would advise him not to come [to politics],” Swamy said. It remains to be seen if Swamy’s claims are true.

Fans on Twitter had immediately reacted to Gurumurthy’s claims, as Rajinikanth’s move to politics has been much awaited.

Gurumurthy and Swamy’s statements come soon after Rajinikanth had met Hindu Makkal Katchi leaders in Chennai. The 66-year-old is rumoured to be making his last few films. There has been constant speculation about his entry to politics, especially after J Jayalalithaa’s death last December.