Senior Congress leader Shankersinh Vaghela on Saturday said that the party leadership, including Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, “lacked foresight”. Criticising the party leaders for not starting preparations for the Gujarat Assembly elections due later this year, Vaghela hinted that he may quit the Congress, reported PTI.

“You are heading for committing suicide. There is a big ditch ahead, if you want to fall, then go on. I won’t stay on this path,” he said. Vaghela urged the party to be “alert” especially after the Congress’ dismal performance in Uttar Pradesh in March this year.

In a show of strength, Vaghela addressed a meeting of as many as 3,000 supporters in Gandhinagar on Saturday. “One cannot remain idle and expect to win, one has to do homework. If you do not want to do anything, then I believe you have taken a ‘supari’ [contract] to lose to the BJP,” he said, adding that he will meet Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi in July.

Vaghela said he had already informed Congress President Sonia Gandhi that his commitment towards the party was “over”. He also clarified that he was not looking to be the Congress’ chief ministerial candidate. “AK Antony committee’s report was accepted, which said that candidates should be declared one year prior to elections, he said. “Do it at least six months in advance. But the time is running out here.”

Vaghela was a senior BJP leader who had revolted against the party leadership in 1995. In October 1996, he floated the Rashtriya Janata Party and became the chief minister of Gujarat with the help of Congress. In 1998, the RJP had merged with the Congress.