Britain’s Conservative Party on Monday signed an agreement with the Democratic Unionists, as per which the party from Northern Ireland will support Prime Minister Theresa May’s government. The two sides reached the deal after negotiating for two weeks, since the June 9 election that had resulted in a hung Parliament, BBC reported.

With this agreement, May’s minority government will have the support of the DUP’s 10 MPs in vital votes for legislation in the UK House of Commons. This will give her a working majority of 13 parliamentarians. The Tories had failed to reach the 326-mark to win a majority.

However, there will be no formal coalition between the two sides. The DUP has claimed that the Tories had agreed to improve the way military veterans were treated in Northern Ireland.

After the UK election ended in a hung Parliament, May had announced that she would form the government with the DUP’s support to provide “certainty” for the future. “Our two parties have enjoyed a strong relationship over many years,” the prime minister had said earlier in June.

“A confidence and supply agreement has been made between the Conservative & Unionist party and the Democratic Unionist party,” May said after the developments on Monday. “This means the DUP will support the Conservative government on votes on the Queen’s Speech, the Budget and legislation relating to Brexit and national security,” The Guardian reported.