The Thrissur district unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party has launched a co-operative society to produce, process and market meat and fish. The venture – Thrissur, Fish and Meat Producing, Processing and Marketing Society – had received approval from the registrar of co-operative societies six months ago.

The bylaw of the society said it will rear and sell cattle and fish products. “We haven’t started processing or selling of meat,” BJP Thrissur district president A Nagesh, who has also been elected the president of the society, told “But I cannot say whether we will venture into the meat processing market or not.”

When asked why he included “meat” in the society’s name, Nagesh said, “If we do not include meat processing in the title, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) will float another meat processing co-operative in the area. It was a kind of preventive measure.” Nagesh added that they will keep the title. “We will not change the name. BJP is not against meat sale or consumption. We oppose only cow slaughter.”

Nagesh said there was nothing wrong in forming a society. “I took the lead in launching the society. It has around 100 members and most of them sell fish for a living in Thrissur market,” he told

The Centre’s notification on meat sale

On May 26, the Centre had issued new rules that require cattle traders to give an undertaking that the animals being sold at markets would only be used for agricultural purposes. Several states have criticised the notification, saying it amounts to a ban on beef-eating and that it will affect the cattle trade business. Kerala is one of the few states that where cattle meat is not banned.