Leaders of the G20 Summit on Friday at Germany’s Hamburg called on the private sector in aiding them fight online propaganda and funding for terror attacks. They also called for concrete steps to keep a check on radicalisation, and hiring and arranging of funds for militant activities.

“Appropriate filtering, detecting and removing of content that incites terrorist acts is crucial in this respect,” the leaders said in a statement issued during the summit.

The G20 leaders also called for strengthening measures against the fundings received by international militant organisations, including the Islamic State Group, al-Qaeda and their affiliates. “There should be no safe spaces for terrorist financing anywhere in the world,” the statement further said. “We will ensure that terrorists are brought to justice.”

The leaders also urged the member nations to promote political and religious tolerance and inclusiveness, NDTV reported.

‘Ban leaders of nations supporting militancy’

While addressing the leaders of the G20 Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had presented a 11-point agenda to counter terrorism. Among the suggestions offered by the prime minister were deterrent action against nations supporting militancy and banning the entry of leaders of such countries to the G20 nations. He also suggested that the G20 nations exchange the list of suspected militants.

The summit was held amid violent protests in the German city. At least 76 police officers were hurt during clashes with anti-capitalist protestors. German authorities said a demonstration dubbed “Welcome to Hell”, comprising nearly 12,000 protestors, began peacefully but turned violent soon after.