Qatar on Sunday said it will form a committee to look into compensation for damages suffered because of a blockade by several Arab countries. The compensation claims could be worth billions of dollars, AP reported. The committee includes Qatar’s ministers of justice and foreign affairs.

The committee will handle all claims connected to the blockade, including high profile ones like Qatar Airways, whose licence was revoked by Saudi.

On June 5, Saudi Arabia and four other countries had had severed diplomatic ties with Qatar, claiming the country facilitated terrorism. Three other countries had also followed. They had placed a list of demands before the country on June 22. Among their demands, they insisted that Qatar shut down state-funded broadcaster Al Jazeera and other news networks, sever relations with the Muslim Brotherhood and also cut all ties with Iran, which has geo-political differences with Saudi Arabia. But, Qatar had rejected the demands, calling them “neither reasonable nor actionable”.

The Arab countries have not provided any evidence for their claim that Doha backs militancy, while Qatar has repeatedly rejected the allegation that it supports any terrorism.