Beijing should “remain calm” about India’s rise and work towards strengthening China’s growth strategy for the new era, a column in the Chinese state-run Global Times said on Sunday. The article comes amid a diplomatic standoff between India and China.

Titled India follows China’s path to factory power, the article claimed that India has attracted investments by foreign manufacturers, including some Chinese companies. This will enhance India’s manufacturing ability and be of “great significance for India’s economy, employment and industrial development”, it said. “This is a repeat of China’s introduction of foreign investment, which is why it is likely that India may succeed.”

This foreign investment is helping the Indian government’s “Make In India” initiative, the article further said, adding that a similar thing had happened almost two decades ago in China.

Ties between the neighbours have been strained, with both India and China maintaining that troops from the other country had transgressed into their territory in the Sikkim sector’s Doklam area. New Delhi has made it clear that it will not allow China to construct a motorable road up to the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction through the Doklam plateau.