Israel on Monday decided to remove the metal detectors placed at the entrance to the compound surrounding the Temple Mount or al-Aqsa mosque. The decision was made by the Israeli Cabinet on Monday, after a massive crisis over new security measures that had been implemented at the holy site.

Seven people have died after violence over the security measures. The metal detectors, along with security cameras, had been installed by Israel after two of their police officers had been shot dead inside the compound on July 14.

The compound is considered the third holiest site in Islam, and the most sacred for the Jewish. The crisis that had begun because of the security measures was considered by some to be the bloodiest in the city in years. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had ordered all official contact with Israel be suspended until it removed the metal detectors from the site.

Though the metal detectors were removed, hundreds of Palestinians are protesting against the cameras that remain at the site, Al Jazeera reported. Israel’s Cabinet said that they have allocated around $28 million for equipment and more security at the site.