Weather departments have issued warnings in more than 11 European countries as a blistering heat wave strikes the Union. Some places have called the wave Lucifer. Lucifer is in its fourth day now, and expected to recede only after next Wednesday, August 9.

Several popular holiday destinations are also scorching hot right now, with temperatures up to 46 degrees Celsius expected. It reached 42 degrees Celsius in Cordoba, Spain, and 42.3 degrees Celsius in Split, Croatia the past week.

The mercury might touch 43 degrees Celsius in a holiday favourite Costa del Sol, 41 degrees Celsius in Seville, 39 degrees Celsius in Rome, and 38 degrees Celsius in Athens. Other countries where warnings were put out include Poland, Switzerland, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary and Romania.

Two people have died from the heat, The Guardian reported – one in Poland, and another in Romania. Italy has also experienced a hospitalisation rate 15% above normal because of temperatures on the country.

Europe’s highest temperature was 48 degrees Celsius in Rome in 1977.

Busy weekend at airports

After the advisories were issued, many people on vacation are expected to fly home this weekend. The weekend is expected to be one of the busiest of the year at airports, and passengers have been told to show up up to three hours before their flights, Yahoo News UK reported.