More than 900 flights and several train services in Japan were cancelled on Sunday as a powerful typhoon barrelled towards its main island and caused power outages, Reuters reported.

Typhoon Trami, rated a category 2 storm, is currently heading towards the country’s northeast. The government has ordered the evacuation of more than 7 lakh households in the country’s southern and western parts. The typhoon made landfall in Okinawa island on Saturday, injuring nearly 50 people there and in Kagoshima, Reuters quoted public broadcaster NHK as saying.

More than 2,75,000 homes and offices faced power outages in southern Kyushu region while around 1,75,000 buildings were out of power in Okinawa, Bloomberg reported. The bullet train service between Kumamoto and central Kagoshima was halted.

Earlier this month, Typhoon Jebi hit Japan. It was the most powerful storm to hit the country in 25 years, and claimed 11 lives. It also flooded Kansai airport near Osaka.