Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has accused Apple of being anti-consumer by not allowing them to download the application that helps blocking spam calls and messages, The Times of India reported on Tuesday.

The app is called ‘Do Not Disturb’, and was launched by Trai in June 2016. It allows users to block calls and messages from telemarketers. The customer can report these unwanted calls and messages to Trai, following which action could be taken.

The app is available for Android users on Google Play Store. However, the iPhone maker has not yet made it available to its users. “Apple has just been discussing, discussing and discussing, they have not done anything,” Trai chairperson RS Sharma told The Times of India.

He said Apple was indulging in “data colonisation” by violating the customer’s right to share their data with the telecom regulator. “It is not Apple’s data, it is not the data of a telephone manufacturer,” Sharma said. “My call logs or my SMS data cannot be the data of the device manufacturer.”