China on Tuesday said there will be “utter chaos” if its troops were to enter Indian territory and disrupt construction projects along the Line of Actual Control, IANS reported. Beijing, once again, blamed New Delhi for the ongoing standoff between soldiers of the countries at Doklam in the Sikkim sector.

“The Indian side illegally crossed the boundary on the pretext of...Chinese road building,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said. “The reason is ridiculous and vicious, and the facts are clear.”

She further said that if people were to go by India’s “ridiculous logic”, anyone who dislikes an activity in their neighbour’s house can “break into their home”. “Does that mean when China thinks that the large-scale construction of infrastructure at the Indian border is posing a threat, it can enter Indian territory?” she said. “Wouldn’t that be utter chaos?”

China reiterated that the border dispute can be settled only if India withdrew its troops from Doklam. “We urge the Indian side to take concrete actions and make positive moves to correct its wrongdoing,” Hua said.

The Sikkim standoff

India and China have maintained that troops from the other country had transgressed into their territory in the Sikkim sector’s Doklam area. Bilateral ties have been strained since the Indian Army stopped China from constructing a road in the region. New Delhi has made it clear that it will not allow China to construct a motorable road up to the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction through the Doklam plateau.