Residents of cities along the Texas coastline in the United States are bracing for Hurricane Harvey. People are piling sandbags along shores and stocking up supplies as the Category 3 storm is expected to make landfall on Friday, CBS News reported. “We are recommending in the strongest terms, if you live in the low lying areas, get out and get out now,” Corpus Christi Mayor Joe McComb said.

The National Weather Service has issued an official storm surge warning in most of the Texas coastline, fearing that gushing winds will force water onshore to levels up to 12 ft. Besides the storm surge, flooding is the other main concern as meteorologists are expecting 25 to 30 inches of rain.

“Harvey has intensified quickly this morning and is now forecast to be a major hurricane at landfall, bringing life-threatening storm surge, rainfall, and wind hazards to portions of the Texas coast,” the National Hurricane Center wrote in an advisory.

Hurricane Harvey is expected to bring winds greater than 111 miles per hour. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in some towns.