Feminist author, thinker and artist Kate Millett died at the age of 82 in Paris. She was the author of one of modern-day feminism’s landmark works, Sexual Politics. She died of a heart-attack during an annual holiday with her spouse and photojournalist Sophie Keir, The New York Times reported.

The core argument of Millet’s Sexual Politics was that the connection between the sexes was political. She described politics as the “arrangements whereby one group of persons is controlled by another.”

Her other works included an autobiographical pieced tiled Flying which was about the popularity that came with the publication of Sexual Politics and Sita which dwelt on her sexuality. She wrote Going to Iran with photographs by Keir about their encounter with the isolated nation’s administration.

“I cannot think of anyone who accomplished what Kate Millett did, with this one book,” feminist Andrea Dworkin wrote. It remains the alpha and omega of the women’s movement.”