A speeding car hit the parapet of the Hosur Road Elevated Expressway flyover in Bengaluru’s Roopena Agrahara on Sunday, leading to the death of the teenager driving it, The Hindu reported. The 17-year-old was racing with two of his friends at around 150 kilometres per hour, police said. He died immediately after the crash occurred at 3 am.

All three teenagers were returning from Electronic City in separate cars and were trying to race each other, the police said. The first car, losing control, hit the second, which jumped the median and hit a milk van coming from the opposite direction. The driver of the second car escaped with minor injuries. The third car also hit the median, but the driver managed to bring it to a halt.

The deceased was the son of a businessman, while the fathers of the other two boys work as senior IT professionals in companies located on the Outer Ring Road, the police said. The fathers of the three boys have been arrested. “We cannot divulge the details of the accused since they are minors,” Additional Commissioner of Police R Hithendra said. “However, we have arrested their fathers on the charge of death due to negligence and also under various sections of the Motor Vehicles Act.” He said the driving licenses of the three parents had been seized.