The Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru may soon become the country’s first airport to have Aadhaar-enabled entry and biometric boarding systems, The Economic Times reported on Monday.

According to the Bangalore International Airport Limited, the airport is expected to be completely Aadhaar-enabled by December 2018, in line with its efforts to make the facility a “smart airport”.

The project is expected to go live by March 30, 2018, and all domestic airlines will be roped in to use the system in about three months after that, the report said. By October 2018, people boarding international flights will also be able to access the new entry system.

The Bangalore International Authority Limited wants to use Aadhaar to help identify passengers during the entry and e-boarding processes. The move is expected to reduce the screening process from the current average of 25 minutes to 10 minutes, the report said.

“With real-time authentication of passengers, entry using biometric readers can enhance security, speed up clearance and alleviate delays at the airport,” a spokesperson was quoted as saying. Passengers will not have to provide their identification cards and boarding passes at multiple stages of the airport journey and can expect a smooth and stress free passage through the screening process, the spokesperson added.

“A key driver to creating an airport-of-the-future is to embrace technologies that simplify, streamline and enhance travel processes,” BIAL Executive Director and President Hari Marar said.