The Pune Cantonment Board has asked the city’s Kayani Bakery, which is famous for Shrewsbury biscuits, to shut down for conducting business without obtaining a trade licence since 2006, The Times of India reported on Wednesday. Two other eateries – Kwality and Bagban – on Dr Coyage Road have also been asked to close down.

The order came after Pune Cantonment Board President Brigadier Rajiv Sethi conducted an investigation along with other officials on Monday. “The establishments have been running their businesses illegally as we have not issued them trade licences since 2006,” Pune Cantonment Board executive officer DN Yadav told The Times of India. “The board president has ordered them to close down for violating the lease agreement.” The Pune Cantonment Board is the administrative body for the Pune Cantonment region.

Kayani Bakery have refused to comment on the matter. One of the owners, Parvez Kayani, told the daily, “Please don’t feel bad, but I don’t want to talk on the issue now. One of my partners is in Mumbai and the other is in Canada.”

Bagban owner Afzal Bagwan said, “We have closed our business following the oral orders of the Pune Cantonment Board president.” He said the property owner, who is in Dubai, has been applying for a trade licence every year but has been denied one. “Almost 80% of constructions in the Pune Cantonment are illegal, but the board has decided to target only three,” he added.

Kwality restaurant owner Aman Vij said that the cantonment board had renewed the establishment’s licence several times. “We have not been given any information of the inspection conducted by the Pune Cantonment Board and others,” he claimed.