India’s Consumer Price Index-based inflation was 3.28% in September, according to data released on Thursday by the Central Statistics Office. The figure for August, earlier reported at 3.36%, was revised down to 3.28% as well.

The inflation data also showed that the Consumer Food Price Index – an indicator for food prices – rose 1.25% in September, slower than 1.52% in August.

Meanwhile, the Index of Industrial Production grew 4.3% in August, after rising 0.9% in July. The index is seen as an indicator of the health of various industrial sectors in the economy. The cumulative index for April-August period, as compared to the same period in 2016, grew 2.2%.

Earlier this year, a number of sectors, including manufacturing, electricity and construction, had seen a slowdown in growth. It had hit the Index of Industrial Production in the April-June quarter. The index had fallen 0.2% in June, but recovered in the following month.