A man in Patna in Bihar was forced to walk 4 km with his daughter’s body on his shoulder allegedly because the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in the city had refused to provide an ambulance, The Times of India reported on Wednesday.

The girl’s family said that 9-year-old Raushan Kumari died near the Outdoor Patient Department of Aiims on Tuesday after having a high fever for six days. She died as her father Rambalak was trying to get the formalities for admission completed, the family claimed.

Rambalak and his family, of Kajra village in Lakhisarai district, were directed to get a registration car as soon as they reached the hospital. While Rambalak stood in queue at the counter, his wife told him that their daughter’s condition had worsened, the report said. However, despite repeated pleas to help the girl, no one intervened, the parents claimed.

The family was then allegedly denied an ambulance, forcing them to walk nearly 4 km to an auto rickshaw stand to take the body to their village.

Director of Aiims Prabhat Kumar Singh said he had no information about a patient dying because of lack of treatment. “I am unable to understand what has happened,” he told ANI. “In fact, nobody there came to know about it. How is it possible?”

He said doctors often treat patients without the registration card, and that this incident will be investigated.