At least three people were killed after a powerful typhoon made landfall 175 kilometres southwest of Tokyo in Japan at 3 am on Monday. Typhoon Lan, which arrived with strong winds and rain, has left two people in a coma and around 90 injured, the BBC reported.

A man was killed after being struck by scaffolding in Fukuoka city. A 70-year-old man died died after he dived into the sea trying to escape his own boat. The third casualty was from a landslide.

There was heavy rain because of the storm on Sunday, the day the Japanese electorate voted in a general election.

Typhoon Lan made landfall early on Monday with gusts of up to 198 kilometres per hour. While 500 flights had been cancelled on Sunday, another 350 were cancelled on Monday after the typhoon made landfall. Train services were also disrupted.