Automaker Maruti Suzuki reported a 3.4% rise in net profit for the June-September quarter year on year. In its earnings report released on Friday, the company said its net profit increased from Rs 2,402 crore in the second quarter of 2016-’17 to Rs 2,484 crore.

Total vehicle sales for the second quarter of 2017-’18 increased 18% year on year to 4,92,118 units. Of these, Maruti Suzuki exported 34,717 units.

Moreover, the company’s net sales stood at Rs 38,570 crore for April-September, a 19% increase from that in April-September 2016. The net profit stood at Rs 4,040 crore, up 4% from that in the corresponding period last year. The operating profit – the profit from business operations before interest and taxes are deducted – rose 16% year on year.

After the report was released on Friday, Maruti Suzuki’s stock price rose 0.41% on the National Stock Exchange Nifty to Rs 8,101.20 per share.