The Delhi Police on Monday arrested a man for posing as a top official in the Prime Minister’s Office and demanding priority appointments at several government offices by flashing a visiting card that said “Director”.

The police said Kanhaiya Kumar, or Dr KK, asked officials reporting to senior bureaucrats for favours and even drove around in an SUV with a Government of India sticker, The Times of India reported.

An error on his visiting cards got him caught – while the prime minister’s room number was correct, Kumar got the phone number wrong, according to NDTV.

The police have been monitoring Kumar since September 20, after he introduced himself to the central vigilance commissioner as a director in the PMO. The vigilance commissioner, however, contacted the office and found that there was no director by his name. The commission then reported him to the police.

Kumar has been charged with impersonation, forgery, criminal conspiracy and cheating. The police are also looking for man in Hyderabad who supplied him with the fake visiting cards.