The price of subsidised liquefied petroleum gas was raised by Rs 4.6 per cylinder on Tuesday, state-owned oil and gas company Indian Oil Corporation said. This is the fourth consecutive increase in LPG rates since August.

Effective Wednesday, cooking gas costs Rs 495.69 per cylinder in New Delhi, Rs 498.38 per cylinder in Mumbai, Rs 498.43 in Kolkata and Rs 483.69 in Chennai. A 14.2-kg non-subsidised LPG cylinder will cost Rs 742 in Delhi, Rs 718.50 in Mumbai, Rs 759.50 in Kolkata and Rs 750 in Chennai – an increase of Rs 93 to Rs 94 in each case.

The price of aviation turbine fuel, commonly known as jet fuel, was also raised by around 2%. In New Delhi, one kilolitre of jet fuel for domestic flights now costs Rs 54,143. In Mumbai, the new price is Rs 53,430; in Kolkata, Rs 58,478; and in Chennai, Rs 56,934. Jet fuel prices for international flights were increased by $4 to $5 (around Rs 258 to Rs 323) in each metropolis.