A week after joining the Bharatiya Janata Party, former Trinamool Congress leader Mukul Roy on Friday claimed that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee met Sudipta Sen, the head of the Saradha company, several times, the Hindustan Times reported.

At his first rally for the BJP, Roy attacked both the chief minister and her nephew Abhishek Banerjee on issues such as the Saradha scam and dengue deaths in the state. “I quit as the party could not fulfill a single promise that we made before grabbing power,” Roy said.

The Saradha company ran several ponzi schemes in West Bengal, defrauding lakhs of people. Once the scheme collapsed in 2013, there were allegations that the Trinamool Congress had played a role in the scam. Roy was removed as the Trinamool Congress’ general secretary in 2015 after the Central Bureau of Investigation began to look into his involvement in the Saradha scam.

“Dengue deaths have crossed 80 in Bengal, but the CM is busy with nacha-gana,” Roy said on Friday, referring to an ongoing film festival in Kolkata.

Roy also spoke about Abhishek Banerjee owning a company called Biswa Bangla, The Times of India reported. Biswa Bangla is the umbrella brand the state government is promoting. The Trinamool Congress has turned into a “limited company”, Roy said.