Terrorism and online radicalisation will now be the focus of a new Home Ministry department – in a rejig of the structure of its divisions, the ministry on Friday replaced one of its internal security subdivisions with the “Counter Terrorism and Counter Radicalisation” division. It also formed a new division to tackle cyber security issues – the Cyber and Information Security Division, PTI reported.

According to a ministry order, the Counter Terrorism and Counter Radicalisation Division will work on strategy for de-radicalisation and to check terrorism, with definite goals and timelines. It will address threats to internal security from increased online radicalisation and terrorism, with the help of domain experts.

While this department replaces the Internal Security-II subdivision, the ministry merged the Internal Security-I and Internal Security-III subdivisions into one entity.

The other new wing, Cyber and Information Security, will monitor online crime and threats, cyber fraud and hacking.

The Home Ministry will continue to have 18 divisions, as some other divisions were also merged. A new department, Coordination and International Cooperation Division, will replace the Coordination and Public Grievances Division and the International Cooperation Division.

The Judicial Division has been merged with the Centre-State Division.