The Delhi government on Tuesday filed a fresh review petition before the National Green Tribunal in connection with the odd-even policy, ANI reported.

The Aam Aadmi Party government sought to exempt two-wheelers and women either for one year or till 2,000 additional buses are commissioned. The government also asked the tribunal to direct neighbouring states to implement the scheme.

The odd-even scheme helps cut traffic on the roads by prohibiting cars and bikes from plying based on the last digit of their registration numbers – vehicles with odd digits ply on odd dates, the others are allowed on even dates. The government has said that introducing this scheme may help reduce the air pollution and severe smog in Delhi and several other north Indian cities present since November 7.

Earlier in the day, the government withdrew its earlier review petition before the National Green Tribunal that sought exemptions after the panel asked it to provide logical explanations for its request the next time.

Reviewing the plea, the tribunal had asked why it cannot run buses only for women to solve the problem of transport when the scheme is in place. It questioned the need for the arbitrary exemptions since two-wheelers are known to pollute the environment more than four-wheelers.

The tribunal had also rebuked the government, asking it to declare a health emergency in Delhi and apply necessary measures without delay after dangerous levels of particulate matter PM 2.5 and PM 10 persist for over 48 hours. “Do not gift infected lungs to children,” the NGT said.

On Monday, the administration had asked the court to amend its November 11 order that refused to exempt cars driven by women and two-wheelers when the odd-even scheme is in place.