The Delhi High Court on Wednesday asked Delhi airport authorities to submit their internal report to show their rationale behind shifting the operations of some airlines to Terminal 2, ANI reported. The Delhi International Airport Limited had told the court that its decision to move some operations to the refurbished Terminal 2 was based on an internal assessment.

The court said it needs to check whether the assessment was irrational and arbitrary.

The court was hearing a plea by private aviation operator IndiGo, challenging the decision. IndiGo and SpiceJet have until January 4 to move some of their flights to the terminal. Around a third of the flights that currently operate from Terminal 1 have been asked to shift to Terminal 2. GoAir has already moved all its flights to the terminal, which began operations on October 28.

In its petition, IndiGo said, “The restrictions sought to be imposed by DIAL could destroy IndiGo’s business, the reputation of which has been built over the past 11 years. DIAL’s directions are completely arbitrary and do not have any nexus with the object sought to be achieved: decongestion.”

Before being refurbished, Terminal 2 had been barely utilised – it was used for around three months a year to operate Haj pilgrimage flights.