A day after West Bengal got Geographical Indication status for the rosogolla, the Odisha government on Tuesday said it was in the process of getting the tag for its own local sweet, rasagola, the Hindustan Times reported. It said it will not contest the GI tag granted to West Bengal.

“It has come to our notice that the Banglar rosogolla has been given the GI status on an application filed by the government of West Bengal,” LN Gupta, additional secretary of Odisha’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Department, said. “Odisha is in the process of obtaining the GI for Odishara rasagola, which dates back to more than 800 years.”

Odisha had decided to stake claim to the rasagola in September 2015 and had formed three committees for suggestions on ways to go about the application. However, the state has not applied for the GI tag yet. Gupta, who is responsible for the application, said Odisha wanted it to be foolproof.

The state claims that rasagola has been served at the Jagannath Temple in Puri since the 12th century. GI registry officials told the Hindustan Times that Odisha could stake claim to the rasagola with proper documents. “We have not received any application or documents from the Odisha government,” GI registry member Prasant Kumar said.